Catamaran Sailing School: An Education in Buying and Ownership

Catamaran professionals can help individuals find and negotiate the best deal on the catamaran they have been searching for and let then confidently take the helm on a cruising adventure. They can help arrange a professional delivery captain and/or crew that will teach how to sail a new yacht along the way! 1st An Education […]

The Living History Books of Jacob Abbott

Who is Jacob Abbott? I asked this question one day as I surveyed the latest public domain offerings at Project Gutenberg and found an interesting text by Mr. Abbott about Peter the Great. A Google search turned up a plethora of links and website answering this question for me. Jacob Abbott was the eldest son […]


Understanding Marketing – An Overview of Strategies, Costs, Dangers and Risks

What is Marketing? Marketing is a business discipline through which the targeted consumer is influenced to react positively to an offer. This can relate to the purchase of a product or a service, the joining of an organization, the endorsement of a candidate or ideology, the contribution or investment in a cause or company, or […]


Should You Use Customers Surveys For Product Creation?

Summary “Run a customer survey”, you’re told. It’s all over the internet: “Ask customers what they want”; “find out what problems you can solve for them”; “ask them what they need so that you can provide it”. This seems like good advice. But is it? A Quiz For You Before you respond, please answer these […]